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Vehicle air conditioning works by taking a refrigerant gas and placing it in a sealed system. This gas is then pressurised using a compressor. As it pressurised, it gets hot by absorbing the heat around it. This hot gas is then circulated through a series of tubes that dissipates the heat. Scientifically, the gas removes heat rather than adds cold, the gas can lose lots of its heat, in other words it gets really cold, when you reduce the pressure. As it cools it becomes a liquid. This is when you get cold air blowing from the unit.
Mackey can service and supply all automotive air conditioning products from simply re-gassing the system to a complete overhaul of all components.  We can supply and install new compressor units, condensers, fans, o'rings, driers and much more.

ARC National Refrigerant Trading Authorisation Number AU24880


Motor Traders Association Member


RACQ Approved Repair Centre

Mackey Electrical & Mechanical Pty Ltd , 54 Taylor St Bulimba Qld 4171,  Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm Mon to Fri

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